Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Raw skin

I've been chewing the inside of my lips recently, and there's now two spots, one on each side, that are raw. Owie. At work, I .. hmm. I really shouldn't talk about work in too much detail, just to avoid trouble that may be in the future. They're not doing anything that I have the least problem with, I just don't want to expose any sensitive data. Maybe a few years in the future, it'll be safer to do so. Please forgive my silence. Anyhow, I was called to a meeting, and thought that it was *something bad*, but instead it was rather different. I've had too much to worry about, and they went through my assignments, which were automatically imported from the assignments of my predecessor (who had a somewhat different job function than I do), taking out the ones that arn't suited to me. They really want to hurry me into a dual development/sysadmin role. I hope I can manage both. The odd thing is that I think I'm filling much of the same kind of role the president originally had before the company got too big for him to do much but business stuff. Also on the upside, I found some CDs that I've been missing for awhile, including two of the many editions I have of the soundtrack to the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I'm listening and singing a bit along with it now. I'd sing more, but I'm not fully over my illness yet, and my throat is still a bit stuffy. My spare time is now a nice mix of writing philosophy, reading philosophy (Currently reading, among other things, Bertrand Russel's Human Knowledge), and playing Smash Brothers Melee on my gamecube. I think wally might have an ear infection -- his ears are sort of sensitive right now. Hmm.

Tags: music, pets

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