Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Crash and nap

Hedwig now hurts me a bit. I just heard from Lorie an interpretation of the ending that is quite compelling, but also paints a rather different view of it that's rather sad. I'm now slightly bummed.

I don't have work tomor .. toda .. err.. new years or its eve. That's good -- I need some time to just rest and do some writing.

Read a journal entry by one of Q's friends who online goes by the name of Tailsfawx. I'm rather disappointed in him. It's just more of that "can't we all just get along" schtick, this one focusing on religion versus its lack. He doesn't even do a good job at it. Oh well. It's not like I know him or anything.

Ever want to punish a programmer? Give them an endless supply of the kind of code I'm working on cleaning up. Oh well, at least it's only (currently) about 6000 lines.

Tags: friends, programming

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