Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

I was there again

The other place. The other W. Northwood and surrounding region. I was looking for a place to live, walking around. I've never had a car there. As usual, it was much more hilly on the street than its cousin here. Much more populated, much more run-down. One street south of Northwood was a promising looking huge place, a house with a sunken yard and platforms to go around the sides to get in. There were people with their homes under the platforms, and the house had probably 5 people in there. They offered to let me join, but I preferred to live alone. They got mad, so I left quickly. There were other places on the hilly ground, but as I got closer, I saw with disappointment that they all had occupants. I decided to cross over, to the east. Somewhere on the way, my grandmother, mother, and some of my sisters joined me, and my silent companion leftLINK. We started out east of High, moving north and looking. We didn't see anything promising for awhile. Eventually we reached a pass through a barrier on both sides, and a scary looking guy with small dogs and what looked like drugs and similar had his home there. I suggested we turn back, but the family wanted to press on, so I wrapped myself in a big, semi-stiff blanketLINK in hopes of keeping the dogs off. I walked forward, and the dogs did indeed approach me. Some got inside the blanket, but they just ended up staying there. Whether they were packed too tightly to me as they crawled upward or if they wern't that vicious anyhow is something I don't know. As we passed the guy, I put the dogs out of the front opening of the blanket, and we walked on by. We then started entering a more cheery place, vaguely near where my mom lived. I started looking around for places, but the costs were too high. My grandmother offered me some of the cash she had with her, promising to pay the difference, but I told her it would feel weird to do that. She offered me the rest of a huge wad of cash, but again I refused. I don't remember what happened then.

I wish there were some way to transfer the images of these things from my brain to some other media -- they are so *different*. Impressions of a boom, infrastructure, a bust, and overcrowding, with no government in sight and people making do, largely peacefully, overcrowded without structure.

  1. I had a feeling of having a companion of some kind, but they never talked and I don't think I paid attention to them. Perhaps it was merely the point of perspective.
  2. Not unlike my big blue striped blanket
Tags: dreams

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