Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dissecting the American Ninja

Well, actually. No. I like kind of wacky titles, and now when one pops into my head, I take care either to jot it down, or to write an entry. Here, I misfired, and wrote an entry, but without anything to say. It's not like I'd be likely to find much to write about on that topic anyhow -- I don't really care much about the 'romantic' idea of the ninja, nor any modern American wannabes that want to fit the mold. Dissecting? I guess.. Hmm. If I were to write an actual entry about this, maybe it would be an investigation of how even individualistic people often feel the need to have a simple self-image. Or is self-image the right word? It seems that that term could perhaps cover two things -- purely one's perception of oneself versus a particular mold one uses to give rise to a perception of progress and grandeur. Is such a thing acceptable to me? Should I smile or frown at that form of individualism? The person who uses a scaffolding, perhaps imaginary, to construct their persona, perhaps a rugged cowboy, a noble knight? How is this like a simpler role one might construct for oneself... a single element with a twist.. the jester who can be serious and dish out good advice, the drunken partygoer who sometimes might surprise you with their knowledge of politics? Or perhaps is it more honest to avoid the twist? Just be the good singer, let that define you? Is the 'refuse to be labeled' kind really fooling anyone?

Oops, I wrote a journal entry.

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