Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A win, a loss, and the future

At work, I made a significant screwup today. I was trying to swap the primary gateway from an old, likely comprimised Redhat 6.1 box to a new, locked-down FreeBSD 4.4 box. This is a box I took home to make sure I got the routing all right. Well, I plugged it in and did the switch, and it failed. I spent considerable time before realizing the cablemodem needed to be reset in order for it to talk to the new server. That box did mail too, and I deferred working on mail until after the box was live. That was a mistake -- qmail was more difficult to install than I thought it would be, and I had to move back to the old system. I was so embarrassed. I hate it when software won't let you do something and tells you that it's because of X configuration option, but you can go see that option X is set correctly. ARGH.That's the loss.

The win is also at work -- there's a project that had code that was in a very bad state, but for the last 2 weeks I've been working on cleaning it. We had a meeting today, I presented my work and future plans, and provided I can keep to my schedules, the project will be saved and won't be cancelled. This will prevent the possibility of deploying some NT boxes that was being considered, and keep us on Unix.

The future? Here are some of my mid-term plans (next month or two)

  • Move - I need to look into and actually do a move out of this nasty slum into someplace that I can feel happy and actually unpack all my stuff into. Keeping my car full of stuff from my last move is just a pain. It'll also be nice living in a place where the ceiling/walls are so inclined to let sound pass through that anyone playing music is guaranteed to be irritating someone else.
  • Trip - For work, I'm going to need to go on-site to do sysadmin stuff. I'm going to see Richmond,VA and D.C.
  • Web 'comic' - When I get a replacement digital camera, I'm going to start a web 'comic' that will be updated whenever I feel like it, starring wally and da' Igs. The pics will have cartoon bubbles painted on.
  • Love - perhaps I will find love somewhere. Or companionship.
  • Food - I intend to eat at least a few very nice meals. See below

Some thoughts on meals. What seperates a very good meal from a good meal? Cost is part of it, but that's largely just a recognition of taste -- there are many expensive things that really suck. Caviar sucks. Almost every day, before work, I pick up a Broccoli Cheddar soup in sourdough at Panera. It's a good meal -- about $5, quite filling, and with a good taste. It meets many of my nutritional needs, I think. If I time its eating right, it can be my only meal in a day. What's a very good meal? Actually, it fairly often involves meat of some kind, and must be enough to totally eliminate my hunger. Eating a Chicken Curry dinner at the Indian Oven is a good example, and the curry sauce taste is just a big bonus. The Mongolian Barbeque is another good way for me to have a very good meal -- it's a gourmet buffet. I think that in order not to be miserable, I really do need to occasionally stuff myself with a meat-heavy meal. If I go for too long without it, I tend to get headaches more often. Vegitarianism, or some mild form of it anyhow, seems to be all the rage among people I know. To them, sorry -- I'm not likely to be joining you on this one. Tofu is very nasty, and I get bad effects if I don't eat meat for too long. If we can figure out a way to make the livestock not suffer, perhaps GEing them to grow brainless in a vat, I'm all for that and will join whatever (possibly violent) crusade you have to ending the way the farms treat the animals. Until then, I'm on the other side. Remember the shape of your teeth.

I'm probably going to run upstairs and eat a burger now, or possibly a Chicken Cutlet Parmisana. I got them from King's pizza, and their food is very very good (as well as cheap). They're one of the few places that straddles my idea of a very good and a good meal.

Hmm. I sound like an advertiser. Once someone commented to me that I should be in marketing. Well, sales would be out of the question because I hate people and am easily bullied, but marketing would be remotely possible. It'd still be very unlikely though -- I'm not willing to fake it. I have this idea of personal integrity that I'm not willing to breach -- if I say something is good, I want it to mean that I like it, not that I'm getting paid by X manufacturer. Also, if something is crap, I don't want to need to keep my mouth shut about it. Marketing people don't get to choose what they like. Even though I think the Indian Oven is a great place to go for a menu disk, I can still tell you that their buffet isn't that great. I guess it's about personal freedom and honesty. If you're going to be hated, at least it should be for being who you want to be, as opposed to someone fake.

Oh well. Blah blah.

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