Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Slipping along the tail end of a wave

Remember those old cartoons where when people started to run, their feet would go back and forth for a sec, and then suddenly they'd move with a lot of momentum? I named the Unix box I built at work 'phoenix'. Grab onto the metaphor.

Digital Camera? Ordered. The home I liked? Applied for and likely will get. Most of the other strands of my unhappiness will unwind from there. My car will be unpacked. I will have room. I will have a nice working bathroom with a tub. I'll be able to show you all the sketches I have of stuff. Not that I ever get any feedback on really much of anything. I only really know for sure that two people occasionally read this. But at least YOU TWO will enjoy my sketches. HAHAHA. Anyhow, I'm also looking forward to starting that Iguana picture comic, and also just to taking new pictures. I've missed the capability terribly, and greatly look forward to doing it again. Heh. Actually having control over where I live will be great. I no longer will feel like a guest. I can set policy, I can sing whenever I want, I can play music whenever I might be awake, and I won't need to wear clothes. Woohoo! It'll be like moving back out of the dorms. I hope utilities don't turn out to be too expensive. Let's see. What will I need to get and pay for monthly?

Cablemodem - $40Electricity - $??Gas - $??, but likely pretty expensive, as I like keeping my place warmWater - $??

That's it. I don't need or want a wallphone. I hope I don't need to get cableTV to do cablemodem.

Hmm. Recently, I've been listening to a lot of music from the group Oingo Boingo. I found a site with a lot of unreleased and some live stuff, and grabbed a lot of mp3s. I wish I could sing to them apart from on the way to/from work, but I suspect that the housemates would mind.

Oh well, bedtime for me. I've been working almost 10 hours a day recently, and it's kind of wearing me out. If only there were more people in the company and they could spare the hours, I'd see if I could somehow have those .. ugh. But really, it's a bummer. I don't think I really should demand anything from where I work right now. There are some things I really want there -- a 21" monitor (or two, with a matrox G450) to help me see more code at once. More pay would be nice too.

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