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My powershot G2 came in yesterday. I just got it working a few minutes ago (had to recompile my kernel and install some utilities). I am enormously pleased -- no longer will I see things and be sad that I don't have a camera. This thing will join my cellphone in the list of things that I carry everywhere. It is, alas, much more heavy than my S10 was -- I actually, right after getting it, managed to embarassingly thwack myself on the head with it. Ouch. And it only comes with a 32M card. Well, that's okay, for now. Later on, I'll probably end up getting a 1G IBM microdrive for it, letting me move from only taking some 20 pictures with it to taking 600. IBM's set to release a higher capacity microdrive soon, so the prices on 1G drives will probably drop then and that'll be my buy point. Unless I get impatient.

The duplex is probably, although not certainly, going to happen. They're trying to contact my current landlord, and that's imposing delays, as he's hard to get a hold of, but they said it was rather likely to be approved. So, pretty soon I'll be out of here, moving to a different slum but a much roomier residence. I think I prefer campus slum to this generic slum, anyhow.

On a small side note, Frank, my midsized Iggy, had an infection for a while on the side of his face. Eventually, it dried up into something that looked like a rock. I pulled it off his face last night, leaving a bit of a hole (no blood or anything though -- it was semi-loose), and applied some hydrogen peroxide. He doesn't seem to bothered by it.

Ahh.. now I guess I'll start on the things I need to take pictures of.

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