Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Last night, at work. The UPS that was handling a lot of important systemsdecided to die. I got up and ran over to it. Except...My foot got caught on the cord to my headphones.The headphones were plugged into my laptop.The laptop was on the desk.Then it was on the floor.It is not happy right now.It boots, but only in single-user mode, and large portions of the filesystem are corrupt. 'ls' won't work. Fortunately, I know how to use debugfs, and it appears that the most important data, the contents of /home/pgunn, are ok. 'ifconfig' and 'route' work, as do 'mount' and 'ftp'. I can probably get this thing onto a network and save my home directory. I am, however, now in the ugly situation of needing a replacement hard disk. For awhile I was thinking about replacing the entire system, but it's really quite adequate, apart from the hard drive space. Replacing the hard drive will be difficult, but it's really my only option at this point, so I might as well get something bigger and reduce the sole problem I've had with it. It looks like this'll cost me around $200. *sigh* Still, at least it looks like my home directory is ok, so I'm not that bummed. It shows you where my head is at :) A hard disk dies -- do you worry more about the data or the replacement cost?

Tags: tech

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