Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Shards, glue, and time

Given enough time and some glue, many kinds of brokenness can be healed by the body. If only that analogy were worth something here. Essentially, I noticed that the last update of my webpage apparently went wrong. Sadly, I noticed this after my laptop's hard drive broke. I recovered *some* stuff off of it, but not all of the changes. So, it's guaranteed that some of the stuff that I've changed since I last pushed my webpage was lost. What versions do I have? Well, I made a CD backup of many of my systems not long before the crash. That's perhaps a few weeks old. Except.. it might have the same files missing that my webpage lacks. I also have another backup on disk from August 2001, and I've verified by hand that it's not missing any of those files, but it's missing (by design, kind of) some other stuff, and is kind of outdated. I also have another backup on disk from sometime in 2000, as well as many archives of previous entirely different designs that my webpage has gone through. Oh, and that CD.. I don't know exactly where it is. I wonder if, once I find that CD, I'll be able to get the stuff more or less together again.To lay it out nicely for you all,

Versions of my webpage

  • Lost data from frank's HD - There was stuff I was unable to recover. Includes stuff that never was on the web.
  • Retrieved data from frank's HD after the crash - Very incomplete and selective. Has some stuff that never has been on the web yet. I think this consists of perhaps 10 files.
  • CD backup - I don't know where the CD is, but it has a backup from, I think, about a week or two before the crash. Has stuff that has never been on the web yet. Might be missing some of the same files that the stuff online now is missing.
  • Stuff on the web now - About a month old. Missing some files. Dated 17 Dec 2001
  • A backup of frank's ~pgunn. Dated 29 Aug 2001. Not missing files.
  • Another backup of frank's ~pgunn. Dated 16 Mar 2001.
I really should start using CVS to manage my webpage.
Tags: tech

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