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Pat Gunn


I was listening to the opening song for "Niea Under 7". It's a pretty nifty anime, in the style of Lain, but much lighter (still not *VERY* light though). It's sung by a really old, raspy woman. I initially disliked it, but it's grown on me. It's not a song where you just put it in and enjoy -- you need to go through at least 20 seconds and then you might start liking it. It's like getting used to hot water in a bath. Well, temporarily ignoring that I, unlike most people, get used to hot water *extremely* rapidly. The song is kind of sad, but not overly so, and sings about people returning in a new life to 'this place'.

When I was younger, I used to sit near trees, learning mortality and time at their feet. I then watched ants, and learned the same lesson from the other side. The brief and the lengthy, the old and the young. We are so young next to the trees, we are so old next to the ant. The planet, the electrical impulse, these are yet further from our perspective. My birth, my love, my now, my death, these are all an eternity away, and they are also indistinguishably close. There isn't any reason this time perspective is special. I think I need to choose a tree again.

I recently rediscovered a site that I noticed a few years ago. Here it is. It offers nostalgia. Except only in limited quantities... I used it to peek back at my page, and the earliest version they have is in 1998. In my backups, I can go that far, and I believe I have a backup CD somewhere around here that goes back further. My current design is the 5th major design of my webpage. The 4th had my face three times on a multicolored cube, and was from shortly after moving out of the dorms to slightly after Martha. The 3rd had me standing in front of my computers when I was living back in the dorms in Lincoln tower. I don't remember the 2nd or the 1st version -- it's been too long. All that's left is the version numbers. The older versions might exist on a backup CD somewhere.

I hate being up this early, but there's a repair guy here from my landlord, doing his best to reverse some of the more ugly effects that time has left on this place. I also need to go get more food for my Iggies today, as well as do my normal outland and philosophy tonight. Byebye


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