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My laptop, as you may know, became very ill recently, it's hard disk mostly broken after a fall from a desk at work. I ordered a replacement hard drive, and started the laborious and *UGLY* process of replacing the old one. I eventually did it, and found that apparently the CDROM is fully broken. So... I can't reinstall Linux on it. Argh! Well.. actually, there are some paths open to me.. I can try to find someone in Columbus with a powerbook and use their system to install YellowDog on the new hard disk... or I can see if there's any way to make Yellowdog do a network install (OpenFirmware can boot off the net, it's just a matter of getting into the installer)... or I can try to find someone else with an iBook (1st edition) who might be brave enough to lend me their system for a bit while I borrow their CDROM drive for an install. It's so sad, seeing my iBook lying there in parts. It boots, but without a boot media all I can do is play in open firmware. Alternatively, I can boot from the old disk (after swapping HDs) and play with the system. I realize that I could get a new system, but I really like that one, and if I can repair it without too much expense, I'd like to do so. Another option, although rather expensive considering my salary, is to replace it, although that really is a last resort. OTOH, In disassembling it, some of the screws became stripped (Apple puts its screws in *VERY* tight initially, so removing them required a lot of work), and one of them I was unable to get out that time so I had to yank it out (and it looks ugly). Still, I can deal with ugly. I miss you, laptop. I hope I'll get you doing something useful again soonish.

I finally followed Leon's advice, and plopped myself into a matchmaker service on the web (, for those who are interested. Reading the matches, I'm actually fairly sure that I was right all along -- there don't seem to be many people of my caliber who use such things, and the fact that I dislike them probably means that people I like would probably not be there because they also find them distasteful. Oh well. If nothing else, it's just another wasted hour and I'll likely just forget about it.

I'm sleepy. I'm probably going to take a nice long bath. I have a business trip starting on tuesday. *sigh*

Tags: love, tech

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