Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Slices of bread

Is there anything special about this possibility that makes it more real than the others? Anything that marks it as being real? Well, we actually observe it. Except, other slices would also have people, observing theirs. What makes ours different? Nothing -- if something did apart from our experience, then it would allow us to differentiate, and thus predict the state of things, which I assume to be impossible. However, this is all a tautology, or a perspective. Perspectives tend to be built on loops of thought, directly predicting nothing, and weathering or adapting to any (or at least most) data that pertains to their scope. Is there a good way to choose a perspective? To criticize? I don't know of a good ruler for this. I could just as easily imagine a 'slices of possibility' viewpoint as I could a single line viewpoint. Is the world predictable? I believe that it effectively is -- we're able to adapt to it quite strongly, even with our existence. Of course, I still am assuming things about probability -- that my perspective is on something which is reasonably close to the 'broadest path' -- it might be that I am on one of the thin, deranged branches of the tree of possibility, and I have no way to differentiate. However, one thing seems clear -- while I may not be able to comment on what is, I can comment on what is reasonable to believe. Perhaps probability isn't a proper model -- if the universe is deterministic all the way down, then perhaps there is no variation possible, and statistics must be rephrased as the study of what it is reasonable to believe given a lack of strongly predictive ability over a framework.

I got back yesterday from a business trip to Florida. It wasn't too bad of a trip, although I'm dead tired. I also lost one of my weekend days (tuesday) for the flight, and it's not going to be made up to me. I guess I've learned that being salaried kind of sucks -- it gives the employer still more power, and I'm still an at-will employee, firable at any time for any whim. That does go both ways -- I could leave at any time. But... my personality doesn't work well with that. I'd probably need to be more unhappy than I am to leave my job -- the people there really seem to be nice, I largely enjoy what I do, and my gripes generally are small things. There are plenty of things that could be improved, but it overall is a good arrangement. I just hope that I don't suffer too much exhaustion from the 9+ hour days or any other extra days I'm forced to work...

I guess Lorie and Joe arn't going to be living with me next year -- Cats are bad for her allergies. I was sort of worried about space concerns anyhow. I wonder if anyone else from SFF will be interested. And finally, before I go, I note that the landlord delivered a new stove for me today. It's literally new, and I'm pleased. I guess Amanda had bad experiences with this landlord, but I seem to be having good experiences. I wonder if it's that I'm paying more rent, if it's that they had trouble renting this place out, or if it's that this place is personally owned by one of the people who works there. In any case, I'm glad that I can, once I find my teapot, enjoy making tea for myself again.

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