Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Language ideas

Some time ago, I mused about a programming language idea on my CIS webpage. I have another idea as well.

The older idea: A language that has explicit flow control structures called tracks. Although not necessarily implemented that way, imagine each track as a section of conditional code that is run if a particular bit in a track register is on. Each line of code has a track number associated with it. Imagine something likeM:print("Hey");1:$a += (b+4);M:print("a is $a");2:$a++;1:$b.update();

This is interesting conceptually, and also might prove to be easier to optimize a CPU for, as branch prediction is probably harder than speculative track operation. Branches would still happen, but ideally would happen less.

The second idea is smaller -- imagine a language that allowed a literal math notation, with symbols and font sizes. Integration wouldn't be useful, but the summation operator certainly might be. A visually similar operator might work well as a for loop.

I'm actually interested in possibly making an implementation of the first idea, purely in software, of course.

I have a philosophy idea that I want to write about, but it's big enough to be a paper, and I don't have time to actually write it now.

Tomorrow, I (again!) have a business trip, this time to Virginia. I'm so tired. I get the feeling that I'm always more physically tired than other people (perhaps related to my heart?).. but after the last trip, I've felt even more tired than usual. I almost fell asleep while taking a shower this morning. I need to try to get lots of rest tonight -- it'll be the most rest I'll get for days. I hate sleeping on beds. Going to outland was probably a mistake last Friday -- after trips, I should probably spend the next day being as inactive as I can. Bleh. Still, I'm more optimistic about work, generally. I gave a presentation on effective use of CVS, and hopefully people will be better about that in the future. I fixed a bug that had some people stumped. I continued to clean code. And my boss is going to make up the two days of travel with a day off. This is a lot better than the nothing I was expecting. I'm still frustrated that some people seem to want to keep using old tools, sometimes touting them as an unchangable standard. If people would just follow me, I can lead them on a better path.. Heh. That's a good analogy to my thoughts on philosophy. There may be many forms of a good life, many good tools you might use. You're in darkness now, so let me help. If you want to choose one of the other good choices later, go for it, just let me ease the pain for you now. All you need to do is let go of your past, and trust me.

Oh well. Enough thinking. It's time for me to take a nice, long, hot bath, and then as much sleep as I can cram in before I need to go to the airport for my flight. Did I mention that I love my current bathtub?

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