Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stupid thing

Finished reading a book, went to my computer, and found that on, there's someone who recently posted a profile, and they're in many ways a female version of me, and otherwise exactly what I'm looking for. They speak German and English, they're polish, Atheist, 21, artsy, like pets, and otherwise answered the survey questions pretty much the same as I did. She also has no problems with confrontation, likes debates and reading, and likes philosophy. So I decided to drop her a note. Well, of course, is too good to be true.They want oodles of money.$25 for a single month subscription. Except.. they hope that you'll renew, and if you don't remember to cancel at the end of the month, they renew automatically. Or, I could pay by check... but for that they want a 3 month subscription minimum. Argh.

So, do I cough up $25, drop off a message, and write a program reminding me to cancel at the end of the month? Do I hope that she'll cough up $25 after noticing my profile? (I checked, I'd be fairly near the top of her matches). Do I just ignore it? The idea of actually meeting a potential companion sounds too good to be true. But... such people exist, I guess. Unless this posting is just a cruel prank. There's also no picture included. I wonder if I'd find her attractive.

Actually, I applied for a credit card today, but it'll be awhile before it gets here, and I don't really want to spend my parents money on it. So if I went with a check, I'd end up paying $50 for 3 months instead of $25 for one month. Is this a good gamble? $50 for the ability to contact someone who sounds on paper like they'd be perfect for me, plus the side benefit of being able to contact other people for the relevant period? Hmm. The problem, I guess, is that I have no way to either judge the probability of this leading to a relationship or the value of a relationship. It's so hard to know how to balance those two factors. Hmm. I'll maybe decide when I wake up after the coming sleep. I need to pack tomorrow too. I'm kind of cutting it close.

Tags: love

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