Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


I feel like Argentina right now. Money. Bleh.Yes, I'm paying the bills. As I might've mentioned, I'm transitioning from my parent-supplied credit card to my own. My mom called, and started mentioning $1000 bills. I just got an $86 (mobile)phone bill in the mail. Argh. Of course, the parents bill includes a gift that was given to me but paid through that card, and some initial moving-in expenses (although that isn't over).Still, I'm very bummed about the phone bill. I'll be going over the detailed charges with a fine-tooth comb, determining if my current service plan is correct, and all that. Bleh. I hate doing this. Finances suck. And until I finish this and know my expenses, that thing will probably wait. It would very much suck if all my savings were to disappear based on bad spending habits. I guess I'll start using again my log of expenditures, and maybe later today I'll write a program that'll make me a chart of my spendings, daily, monthly, etc.I really hate financing. I hope that most of these charges are not recurring.


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