Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Taste of resignation

Again, I feel hopeless in life, but in a way, it's a relief. Largely, I'm kind of bummed about not hearing anything back from that person on And I know that my money situation isn't that good. This stupid house is very expensive to heat. Dr. Forrester is sick. Until I know more about my finances, I'm going to be eating very small meals and not getting any more of the furnishing that my place needs to be comfortable. I had budgeted $10 a day for meals. I'm going to see if I can cut that down to $6. I need to spend more time on figuring out my budget so I don't run out of money. Time I'd rather spend reading, or producing philosophy, or napping. I really hate this.

I've been rereading L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology. It's incredibly stupid. I am amazed that he managed to get followers given the contents of his books. He seems to capture perfectly the modern mindset of fear of science and common-sense country-western stupidity. Oh well. I suppose that's really all it takes to get that kind of fame -- tell the people what they want to hear, very loudly, and you're freed to plug in specifics in areas where the commoner either doesn't care or doesn't understand. It's a pattern in religion everywhere, I guess.

Tags: love, pets

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