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Car problems, roomie, laundry, more car problems, outland, sunday.

There's some more junk near the back of my home... some business tossed a bunch of broken glass and good right behind where I park, making it hard to pull out without running it over... I failed once, and popped a tire. So... I went to replace it yesterday. Bleh. My roomate moved in yesterday. He seems like an okay person.. Maybe it'll lead to my actually occasionally seeing Q over here. I did laundry for the first time here... at the laundromat right behind my house. The prices arn't terrible, the machines are very effective, and the owner's nice.. but he's very old and has very bad body odor. At $2.50 a load, I'm thinking that maybe I'd be better off getting a used washer/drier.. there's hookups in the basement... I wonder how much it'd be.. I ate dinner with Amanda on Friday.. and then dropped her off at her place in order to go to the Philosophy group. And the curse of her residence again struck, rendering my car unable to start for awhile and making me think about taking it back to Ford again. Eventually I went to Philosophy, and then to Outland. Outland was strange. I actually kind of met someone.. Her name is Elizabeth. *shrug*

Because I worked last Tuesday, I get this Sunday off, which means that I'm going to Outland again after work tonight. My parents will visit tomorrow as well, and help me get any of the things I might need to make this place livable. They also might bring down another couch or something.Spiffy.

Tags: friends, love, work

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