Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


My parents visited. My mom got very ill, and left very early. She thought it was a bad fish she ate yesterday.. but I'm now having second thoughts -- I'm feeling ill for the first time in a long time now. Bad stomach, slightly dizzy. Could it be that I just ate too much for dinner, or might I have caught something nasty from her? Bleh.

I guess I've eliminated the doubts I've had about keeping my current job. I like the people I'm working with too much to consider leaving, and I think that they need me. I can teach (or at least act as an information repository) many of them a lot of things about modern software development, Unix, and other things they need to know. I guess I'd feel bad if I left. It's true that I have dissatisfactions, but I can't expect perfection. The technical stuff can be worked through. As for the other stuff... the flag, the salary, the schedule... They're all probably mallable. One thing I do want to make sure that I keep is my desire to keep shaking things up in situations where improvements can be made. ... In sum, for at least a good time yet, I'm satisfied with my job. So long as I don't lose sight of my dream, all is good.

I really am feeling ill.. I'll be heading upstairs to go to bed early in a moment.

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