Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Ill to Goth

Good news: My schedule has been revamped. My weekends used to be Friday and Tuesday, now they will be Friday and Sunday. This is good -- I can now go to outland twice a week, and also won't have that ugly back-to-back sleep thing that I had.

Bad news: I am currently feeling quite ill. Part of monday, and all of tuesday were taken up by this illness. I should be asleep right now, but I can't manage to get there. After I finish this, I'll head back up and try until I manage. My throat is very sore, my eyes hurt, and I am fevered. On the bright side, I haven't been at all nautious, and actually had a very nice dinner at a mexican place with some friends. I hope I didn't get them sick by my presence.

Oh, yes. Goth. In my illness, with the somewhat more sunken eyes, much paler skin than normal, and this being a good hair day, I actually look kind of good in a goth way. A second good side to this otherwise gloomy day. Anyhow, I'd best do my best to end it, and make a second shot at getting to sleep. Hopefully I won't end up lying there for an hour awake like I did last try.

I actually have a rather nice gripe that I wrote that I'm not sure if I want to make into a journal entry or an essay. Additionally, the Goldbach conjecture has consumed much of my mind recently. It's very spiffy. But did I say this in my last entry? I don't remember. Off to make my second try at sleep, so I won't be dead at work tomorrow.. I really should take tomorrow off as a sick day, but I hate the idea of using those up and I really am looking forward to some software testing relating to code I've been banging on for the last few months. If I write another journal entry in the next hour or so, you'll know my fever and pain in my eyes wouldn't let me sleep. Then again, I'd probably explain that anyhow in that theoretical entry.

Tags: science, work

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