Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Work is making me fairly unhappy and at least a little bit angry. One of the things that I can't presently talk about happened again.And...

I was hired for roles X, Y, and Z. I like roles X and Y.. they're what I do. I was unhappy with dealing with role Z, but at least until now, Z has been a very small part of my job. Now, it looks like I'll be doing more Z too, with few reductions in how much X and Y I need to do. Damn it! I loathe Z, and was hoping to be not doing it at all. Now I need to keep three different mindsets in my head, filling 3 roles that should be filled by seperate people anyhow (although I'm fine with X/Y overlap). There are some other areas where I'm majorly dissatisfied. I'm unsure again.

My illness is slowly getting better. I'm hungry. I should seek food.

Tags: work

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