Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Still more on Palestine

Sharon didn't let Arafat go to the arab summit. He wanted Arafat to arrest the people who assasinated (and I think rightly -- given his actions, I would've killed him myself if I had the choice. He was like a Gobbels of Israel) Zeevi. Sharon wanted these people, who I view as heroes, to be arrested. I don't know if the summit would've done much anyhow.. but it is bothersome to me that Arafat is contained in the west bank. Anyhow, the Palestinians want the ability to have all the refugees displaced by the Israelis return. The Israelis claim that if they allowed that, Israel would no longer be Jewish. Gosh.... the Israelis have stolen the land of these people, and now they're not letting them back because it wouldn't let them keep their identity. Frankly, if that's going to be the Zionist identity, it's a pity that they even consider it worth keeping. These people are floating somewhere between Neo-Nazis and KKKers in my list of people not to like, and for many of the same reasons. Are the Palestinians any better? I don't know, but in this case, they're the injured party. Oh, yeah, I reference this

As a post-note, I should add that I have no major problem with the Zionists who might be ok with having a nation of Israel someplace uninhabited, instead of over the top of Palestine. It's only the theft of land, expulsion and oppression of the rightful owners, and related issues I have beef with. It is true that I dislike nationalism, but not nearly as much as I dislike what the Israelis have done to Palestine and its people.

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