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While Palestine is being stomped on some more, and I feel strongly about that, I still am willing to make some time to enjoy an unrelated thing of great beauty. Should I not? I really don't know.

Basically, according to New Scientist, a custom retrovirus was engineered to rewrite the cells of someone with a condition that meant they practically had no immune system. Those directly affected are given a beautiful possibility - a life that won't end in youth, that won't be tied to a sterile environment. Advances in this area may provide a way to fight aids.. not by directly attacking the virus, but instead to introduce agents that can restore and ensure the presence of the needed code to maintain an immune system. We must be careful -- people who have a chance of passing these things (AIDS, or an inherent genetic fault) to offspring should not be permitted to breed, but with that provision, it provides a way for those who have inconvenienced by disease or genetic problems to live a mostly normal life.

I recently updated my email program to add filter support. It's working out very well. I'm recieving markedly less spam than I was a week ago.

I've been bidding on eBay to replace my iBook. But then, having second thoughts, and talking with some people on IRC, I decided to give it a go with a netinstall. Downside: The box will never have a CDROM again, and I broke the internal mouse connector, so either I'll spend a lot of time in the console, or I'll need to use the external, 5-button mouse for it. Still, what I need in a laptop is really limited to a lot of HD space (the new HD provides that), unix (check), and optionally sound support. I don't really need a gui -- I'm happy with commandline stuff. That reminds me... I've fallen in love with Links. It's a cousin to the old, cute text-based browser called Lynx.. Links can do ssl, tables, and has text-based menus. It rocks. So... I hope the net install goes well. If not, I'm probably going to buy a new laptop once I'm sure I'll be able to afford the O'Reilly conference that's coming up. If I do get a new system, it almost certainly will be another Apple laptop. I've never owned an apple desktop/workstation, but their laptops are nice. I have a feeling that my next workstation, whenever I need one, will be a SPARC or a Mac. Some of Sun's low-end systems are looking awfully nice. I've been working with them at work..

Ahh. Work. Morale is *very* low at work. It's not just me. It's a weird situation for me. Some of the others are much more dissatisfied than I am.. Work is strange. I really really like everyone I'm working with. I know I'd miss them if they or I left. *sigh*

Well, that's what I've been up to. Apart from my car. It's been failing me a lot recently. It's currently resting at Ford. I hope they find out what's wrong with it soon. So many people around me expect me to get angry with them. I can't. I know what it's like to be working on a complex system. It's sometimes hard to track things down. It's sometimes almost impossible. People's ideas of good service shouldn't collide with reality -- good service shouldn't require omniscience. People who complain too much usually fail to think about what the other person's job entails. We're all people, sellers, buyers, whatever. The customer can't always be right, and I've often become furious when I'm in an establishment and have been near a customer who was being pushy and unreasonable with the owners. Occasionally I've told said customers off, defending the business. In life, you can't think of yourself as only allying with customers or servers. Don't identify. Only then can you guide society to happiness. Who would I trust? The quiet monk, who identifies with noone but what he calls 'the way'. Provided, of course, that that way is similar enough to 'my way' in the important ways.

Oh well. I'm tired. I shall get away from the computer -- it makes me sleepy. I can probably at least fit a nice, long bath into today, or maybe I'll do some cleaning.

Tags: programming, science, work

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