Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Pasted thoughts

How to think.How to diagnose.Find deviance between what you expect a component to do and what it does. Narrow in on it. Eventually, you will reach a point where you can hold the system in your head. When you can do this, you will understand the flaw. All things are composed of their parts. A proper understanding of the relationship between them, and the ability (and accompanying intuition) to find the lines of abstraction that allow for this pattern of knowing is critical for understanding the world.

When our eyes are open, we see that much foundation of knowledge is shaky or broken. We will cleanse this as we acquire ideas from others. Sentimentalism makes for fine values, but poor knowledge. In fields of knowledge, we recognize it as a sign of deception, and ruthlessly expose such areas to skepticism until we discover the truth of things. It is hard, given the 'feeding' of life people get from the media, sometimes to get a good handle on what is real. A sense of reality is based on experience, and it is too easy to confuse constructed drama on television with the nature of things. We thus attempt to strengthen our sense of reality, by abstaining, to some degree, from exposure to the media, and by recognizing when we are being so influenced, and actively rebalancing ourselves. Many people, religious or commercialist, would control us, through intent or not. Recognize and subvert such attempts, drawing attention to the hazards so that others may likewise avoid them.

Tags: philosophy, science

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