Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
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Just an update

No real philosophy in this node, unless I can think up of something while relaying the mundanity.My roomate appears to have mostly moved out, related perhaps to money problems. *sigh*My car is back at Ford. Apparently the $280 service wasn't enough to make it happy. It didn't 'feel' that different while starting up from what it was while it was unpredictable. Of course, that might not be meaningul -- maybe it always starts up the same way when it starts. Cars are becoming complex enough that they're almost alive. It's strange how, when you place your hand on one, like when on a computer, if it's on, it feels alive. It's a nice metaphorical viewpoint. I sometimes wonderhow much we normally see in life is really a metaphor that has become opaque to us. Do I see the same such metaphors as other people?

Whenever I am around someone, I always feel a vague sense of horror, varying in strength depending on the person. I can see so many areas of self-deception, misunderstanding, and other areas of bad thought. Some of the philosophers are the most so clouded. And sometimes I come across people who are, to varying degrees, almost free of that taint. I like being around such people, but to some degree they unsettle me. It's strikingly similar to my image of the 'unburdened childlike scientists' idea of ideal humanity, that I hope will come in the far future when religion, nationalism, and all that are all forgotten. How such an ideal might laugh at my seriousness. It might be necessary now, but it may be an alien thought to them. OTOH, I don't know if that ideal is compatible with the realization of value divergence. There's no escaping force. All societies, democratic or otherwise, need to use coercion to support their ends, and those ends must be based on value decisions. I would like to find a nice, small set of rules to help make such a system decent, but there's no changing of the basic nature of it, at least that I can imagine.

I wonder if I am repeating myself.

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