Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


I'm opening up a new leaf.. Well.. not exactly. But good stuff is happening that's kind of like that. I won't be able to comment fully until a few days from now, but a lot of moderate and minor irritations might be leaving me soon. I wasn't sure, but I have decided, and things will happen.

My writing is starting to flow more rapidly again. The weather is no longer deathly cold, and will soon be actually comfortable. If only I had a working car, my life would be quite good. But.. Oh darn, I can't yet talk about that yet. Well, I'll provide details soon.

In other news, there's an exodus of religious Jews and other people who buy into the racist nationalist crud that is Zionism on their way to Washington DC to rally for the evil Israeli government. Disgusting. There is a particular person going who I would like to save from that stuff that almost certainly will be going, but they are probably beyond my reach.

My parents came down recently, and brought a lot of stuff to fill my place with furnishings. They did do a lot of cleaning, which generally didn't please me, but I suppose I appreciate the effort.. and some of the stuff, like a hat stand, really is cool. I just need a hat. I need a new bike too. Mr. Journal, I'll get back to you in a few days.

Tags: friends, israel

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