Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cut and Paste and Paste and Cut

My life seems to be moving more smoothly than it was a week ago. The things I want to stay the same have mostly remained so. I've jumped from one work workstation called phoenix to another one. I've attended meetings of the local atheist group twice in a row now. I've sold some unneeded books on eBay, and I have a working laptop. Things are okay. But... I haven't really managed to spend time with the few people I really know recently. That's almost certainly a bad thing. Also... I guess with SFF comes at least people talking about Martha. I'm still easy to get upset over her. It seems the slightest mention means I'll have unpleasant dreams about her for days.

I seem to have a weird, but surprisingly pleasurable continual itch on the bottom of my left foot. Itches can be nice.

I spent much of the night observing people at outland. Mannerisms, body language, etc. It seems that females and males there seem to have very different ideas of personal space. Women tend to block access to their body, making a 'bubble' with their arms, and otherwise don't mind getting physically close to each other. Men don't tend to adopt particular poses at all, but expect people not to approach too closely. I do wonder if I have too little data.. if my data is ok, what might it mean about different socialization/genetic ties to these things. I think socialization makes a fine first culprit, but occasionally we run across actual genetic effects.

I finished the book Jews of Islam today. Apparently, relationships between Jews and Muslims fell apart based on two factors, firstly the beginnings of Christian victories in conquering Islamic-ruled lands, and secondly and later, stronger ties with Christian nations, and accompanying exchange of anti-semetic ideas. The first is an issue with governments generally becoming more nasty in times of stress. Anyhow, it's a really interesting book, and several people I know want to borrow it. I wish I could recall which order they asked.

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