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This is actually two entries, one I wrote but did not posta few days ago, and one for today. Today's first, as I'mmore in the mindset.

I've recently been enjoying a rather nice song I acquired in MP3format recently.. I might, out of curiosity, buy the album.

Every Day is Halloween -- Ministrywell i live with snakes and lizardsand other things that go bump in thenight cos to me everyday is halloween...any place, anywhere that i go all thepeople seem to stop and stare they say'why are you dressed like it's halloween?you look so absurd, you look so obscene'
I've been thinking about the relationship between how peoplefeel about an organization when it's alive and after it haspassed. Do they look back on it as something that should remainin the past, and scoff at revival? Do they remember it fondlyand want it back? People have a strange tendency to sayIt's all for the best about things, which might be partof some urge to justify the way things are now. Cognitive dissonance?Perhaps. If a group will be needed at some time in the future, but ison the shrink currently, is it better for it to wane or to disappear?Things sometimes get twisted when they get too small...

And now, for the previous sentiments.I've been having strong feelings for Martha again. It probably wastriggered by some mentions of her at SFF. I feel, in some way, likemy life is a spin-off of a more popular show, and that my life isfitting neatly into one of those summaries you might see at the endof a movie. If you've seen Animal House,you know what I'm talking about. I can almost see it now.."After his breakup with Martha, Pat fell out of the social circle forseveral years. Later, he became lightly involved with the circle forawhile, and later left Columbus, and got a PhD in Cognitive Science.He never feel in love again, and spent the rest of his life doingresearch and philosophy, occasionally wondering why his life turned out so lonely"That's my track, and I seem to be a train on it. There are the occasionalcrushes I get on some guys and gals at outland, but I can't see thosegoing somewhere. Love is like a game of musical chairs, and I'm lateto sit.

Hmm. Back to the present now, briefly. It's fun making those nifty analogies.Perhaps not accurate, but it's at least amusing. Here's another I thoughtup.. A sysadmin is the grease in the gears of a company.

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