Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Little note

A reproduction of my site's temporary downtime message

Temporarily offline...

My former employer, McLeod and Associates, has threatened to sue me for disclosure of confidential information regarding the content of this area of my website. I am currently reviewing the sole document that I have signed, as well as the content of this section, in order to determine my legal obligations to comply with his request for its removal. I personally do not believe that I have infringed in any way with the document I havesigned, nor have my writings been anything but truthful. Nontheless, I takesuch requests seriously, both because I don't want to get sued and because Ihonor contracts which I have signed, hence my temporary removal of thissection of my site. I do, however, feel very strongly about openness andsharing of information, and it does pain me to remove any data on my site.The relevant information is why I quit my job at the company, and I feel thatothers should be aware of it, so that if they were to consider employmentthere, they would know beforehand what issues they will deal with.
Mitch, I know you're reading this. I have no hard feelings towards youpersonally. I had hoped to offer some of my spare time to you in a consultingrole, but I get the feeling you're angry at me. I understand that I left ata difficult time in a difficult way, but I felt the situation warranted it.Incidentally, I do want to suggest that you take a look atVA Software's sourceforge product.It offers, in a vendor-supported way, several of the useful services Iprovided as a Sysadmin, at least those related to supporting development.Goodbye,

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