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The last 3 days have been a little bit stressful for me.Fortunately, I think the ugliness is over now.Firstly, a friend has been having relationship problems.I was out with them somewhere and ended up driving themhome seperately. Well, almost. After I drove him home, Iwandered around for awhile, and was unable to find her --apparently she is a pretty quick walker, and walked all theway home before I found her to offer the ride.

Secondly, another friend is having roomate problems. They'removing out, and I'm keeping some of their stuff until thingssettle down and they have a solid place to stay. Again, mycar and companionship are there.

Thirdly, my former employer called, threatening me with alawsuit for disclosure of confidential information. I finallygot the time to look at it last night, and .. yup, I actuallydid have some information that he wanted kept confidential.I don't think I ever actually *agreed* to be bound by suchthings, but on the other hand it is such a minor piece ofinformation, completely unrelated to what I was trying to say,that I took it down. Maybe I actually did agree to stay mumon that. Oops.

I'm going to see some of the former coworkers soon for dinner.That'll be fun -- I do miss them. The new job is going quitewell though, and in general I'm feeling a lot better about life.

I was playing a bit rough with wally yesterday, and he managedto stick his claw straight through a corner of one of my fingers.It's nowhere near the bone, and doesn't appear to be infected,but it was pretty sickening. I had to pull it back out and aroundthe hole, all the time while he was still in a playful mood, andthwacking me with his paws. Cats play rough..

I've been having strange dreams about Lincoln tower, a very tallbuilding I lived in for my first two years of Uni. I've always beenmildly afraid of its elevators. In my dreams, they've been transformedinto a swing on a single rope through the middle, and lincoln toweris transformed into a much taller tower with less of a uniform shape,and the swings are on the outside of the building, taking people betweenfloors, and being blown around all over the place by the wind.I remember clinging to it, afraid of falling or it breaking, as itmoved me to the floors I wanted to reach. On some trips, I was withalternatively Martha or Amanda, trying to not fall without breachingpersonal space too much.That's all for now -- back to work.

Tags: dreams, friends, work

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