Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Carter goes to Cuba

IN THE NEWS: Former President Jimmy Carter goes to Cuba onvisit, is arrested on return because it is illegal for U.S. citizensto go to Cuba.

Well, not really. He is in Cuba, but he probably won't be arrested.Why not? Well... apparently people in politics don't need to payattention to stupid laws. Anyhow.. it is a good thing that this ishappening.. hopefully this will lead to open discussion and eventuallyopen borders with Cuba again. I have a lot of respect for Castro --he's probably my favorite dictator. He's not all that great on civilliberties, but has impressed me in enough other ways that I'm willingto call him a great man despite his flaws.

Philosophical question of the day.. Could someone be both great anddeserving of death? If so, should their death come in a differentform?

Tags: politics

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