Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Wrong time, wrong place

Is it just the grass-is-greener effect, or am I really in adead zone and time for myself? I keep hearing about places thatshould be better for me -- Germany, California, Europe in general,Texas, etc. They all tell me to move, and I'll meet a lifecompanion, enjoy the weather more, and generally just have a morepleasant life. I am skeptical, but the insistance is enough to makeme unsure. I want to try it, but I have ties here, to where I am.I have wanderlust, but still am chained to the now. The people I know,the job I have, my present residence, the way I know how to get aroundand live tolerably here, they all tell me that I'd be a fool to leavejust as life is getting smooth again. I don't want to live in Columbusfor the rest of my life, but I don't think I want to leave just yet.If only I had been born a bit earlier or later, or elsewhere...

There is a piece of hair I don't like on my shoulder. It sticks out ofthe skin, alone. I pull at it. After a few tries, it comes out into myfingers. I drop it. It falls onto my back, the end that was in the skinadhering to it, sticky. It makes an impression.


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