Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Yeast Rising

I'm going to start volunteering again. This time, I'm going tobe doing it at a group called Pets without Parents, which isactually where I got Wally. It's odd -- I was just driving backfrom doing some extremely critical banking, spotted it butdidn't remember it, and stepped inside to see their critters.It was only after I had already gone into the back room thatI realized that, over 3 years ago, Martha and I had gottenWally in order for her to have a cat (as she missed Ryan'scat). I remember, we were on our way to go somewhere else,stopped by once, spotted Wally, and I insisted she take some timeto think it over instead of adopting him completely on impulse. About an hour later, after (I think) shopping, we were back, andshe adopted him. Wally's original name was Pescho, and after gettinghim back to her place, we spent quite awhile thinking of a goodname for him. Ahh.. memories. Now, of course, she actually hasthe cat that Ryan owned (Aubrey), along with a cat that I callWhist and another cat whose name I misremember. And I have Wally,as a kind of breaking-up gift. Again, as before, going into theplace has the effect of getting me all choked up, and both thistime and last became overwhelmed by emotion and became semi-confused.I don't know why, but when I'm feeling that way, which happensextremely rarely, I become nearly incapable of finishing a sentence,and struggle not to sound like an idiot. Hopefully I'll get betterat dealing with this place while I'm volunteering there.

That reminds me, I need to start putting out ads for my computertutoring service..

I registered a domain name 2 days ago. I now have dachte.orgThey did http redirection to my website, and mail redirection tomy primary account. Huzzah. Of course, eventually I plan to actuallyget a server that it'll point to, but the way things are now is goodenough for now. I guess I have a temporary money crunch to deal withbefore I can think about that though -- there's an upcomingO'Reilly Conference that I go to every year thatI'm trying to prepare for, and getting everything paid for is going toeliminate every drop in my checking account and perhaps a small chunkof my savings. So far, I've been keeping my checking account at a nice,large, happy number (high enough to buy a moderately expensive computer).Conferences are expensive, especially when hotel and air are figured in.That reminds me, all prior years I went with my Father. This year, I thinkI want to go alone, but I'd like, when I have the vacation days for it,to go visit my grandmother in Texas with him. Unfortunately, this tripactually means I'll have negative vacation days for awhile (I'm borrowing).Maybe I should look into getting unpaid leave, and try to do it in fall --I'd like to be able to spend about a week with her, and maybe to visit abit with some other folks down there. Well, I'd best be off to this pet place.

Tags: pets, tech

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