Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


I've enjoyed quite a bit my work at the animal shelter. It'sneat to be in contact with an ever-changing group of reallycute dogs and cats (and, of course, some that are not so cute)..Having that to do when I get bored really takes away therestlessness I've been feeling recently. I still do have someodd feelings adjusting to a work environment where everyoneelse defers to another person instead of me on pure technicalmatters... I still, of course, place myself at the head of thetotem pole for almost all such things, but it's odd not havingthat recognized. I wish there were programs to write for work..

I'm currently pinching pennies in order to pay for the O'ReillyConference -- for discount reasons, I need to pay almost all of thatwithin the next few days.. After that, my next big project willbe to get people together for co-location.. and at the sametime I'll need to get my finances worked out again -- I want to,loosely speaking, have a budget, so I can automate payments and allthat stuff, so I won't need to think about it. I also should startpreparing a complete redo of my website, in preperation for theco-located server.

I've written a number of good things on sentient and on paperrecently.. I should turn them into essays.

Tags: pets

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