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Oh, and..

You really should read this. It's a good paper.

I'm not sure exactly where I fit in.They list several submovements within transhumanism, here are my thoughtson each:

  • Libertarian/Extopian - Surprisingly, I have some major issues with this submovement. I like capitalism better than the alternatives, but never have been dogmatic about it, and actually believe that it will be markedly inferior in the future to other systems. As the time of transcendance draws near, I will probably cast my lot with the socialists unless some other political/social system comes about.
  • Liberal Democratic Transhumanism - It's democratic with humanist ties. It's a very poor match for me.
  • Fascist Transhumanism - They're too often racist, and have disturbing ties to Nazi groups. I don't think they're actually as clinical and intelligent as what will be needed for transcendance. The few points they might get for rejecting democracy and not being shy about eugenics doesn't redeem them.
  • Radical Democratic Transhumanism - They understand that disturbances (war?) are likely on the eve of transcendance. They advocate socialism, which might be our best shot after the event, but they also have those disturbing democratic elements.
  • Cyborgian Socialist-Feminists - This sounds promising, but isn't a complete philosophy. I like what little I've read about them, but worry that, like several other forms of feminism I've dealt with in the past, their zeal stands taller than their devotion to the truth
  • Post Darwinian Leftists - I have very mixed feelings about this. I like the idea of rights for other creatures, but am afraid of his idea of genetic engineering to avoid desire for conflict. Creatures without this desire seem to me to be destined for abuse.
  • Pro-Automaton Post-work Utopians - I, surprisingly, like this movement a lot. I agree that automation can/will lead to unemployment, and hope for systems to emerge that will feed us and provide for other basic needs, based on AI. However, I feel that that system should, in the end, be viewed as transitional, until everyone embraces the new form.
  • Pro-technology Greens - This sounds interesting, but, at least as described by the paper, is not very specific. The idea of managing nature strikes a good chord with me, but the idea of democracy ties, as usual, does not.
  • Disabled Cyborgs - I like the ideas here, and wholeheartedly reject the mentioned opposition that wants to create a 'unique and equally valid culture' for disabled people

Actually, these categories to some degree resemble the mindsets withinthe atheist movement I'm involved with.

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