Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Very cool, very strange

Quantum Entanglement - There are so many cool effects wecan achieve by taking advantage of quantum physics. I wish I understood itbetter. Like a dinner roll, my current knowledge is just enough to make mesalivate for more.

And.. I guess I now have a new crush. Bleh. Wouldn't work out, but itmight, if only a few situations are different. Like a puzzle.. whentwo pieces *ALMOST* fit, and their colors are close enough that youthink they might. I initially liked to just jam them together.. butof course, the rest of the puzzle didn't work then. Of course, lifeisn't completely like that -- there's room for fuzziness.... butthis still is probably just too much.

There is also the undercurrent.. a clever, devious force that wantsto swallow you. You'll never guess what it's a metaphor for, andI don't really want to explain. Heh.

I actually had an energetic day.. it's very rare that I have one ofthose. I started to write another paper, and realized that I alreadywrote it some time back.. so I started thinking about some good stufffor another one.

Tags: love, science

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