Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


I think I've been changed by the crush I mentioned in my lastentry. Somehow, knowing that I find her to be almost a suitablecompanion makes the lingering feelings about Martha fade. Marthahasn't been in my dreams recently. Admittedly, *she* has, butthe fact that it's not Martha is a good thing. I think maybe I'mreally over Martha this time. I feel some pent-up calmness anda different kind of regret now for those times, but no longerthe fascination. So long as this crush doesn't lead to anyproblems, maybe I'm actually ready for another relationship withsomeone. I almost feel confident, and I actually feel somewhat morephysically energetic. So life, toss someone my way :) But, takeyour time -- Martha's now mostly out of my mind. Huzzah!

Tags: love

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