Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Gut changes

I had some pizza tonight. It's strange how, before having any,I had a deep craving for its taste and feel, and then, aftereating many pieces, the thought of eating more disgusts me.I wonder if this is like the oddity people feel when they'repregnant, and get strange urges. We like to think of our willas constant, but it's a sham. Are we the same person from dayto day? No. Our moments may be the same, only our memoriesdistinguish us. Still, there's nothing magic about it --the memories are just data, just bits in a register. I wonder,with the quantum entanglement advances made, could a system beconstructed that would have a beautiful way of 'knowing' certainkinds of things, immediately knowing if it would change? A certainkind of limited omniscience would be quite amusing. Humanity buildsa god.

Tags: philosophy

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