Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

In love, ken, an accident

Nope, those don't form a sentence.. they're three topics.I appear to be beginning to fall in love with someone wonderful,who fills my thoughts during much of the day. Additionally,this is an excellent opportunity to learn a language that's beenon my to-do list for awhile -- Hebrew. Haeem atah mehveen ivrit?I know what that means, but only because of my notes. Hopefully,with some effort I'll pick this language up. I really hope thisturns out to be the relationship I hope it could be. Even if itdoesn't, I will be thankful for whatever it is -- so far it'sbeen wonderful.. There is a difficulty in the moderately distantfuture that will need to be addressed, but if things last that longand stay wonderful, I'm willing to make whatever course correctionsin my life needed to keep this.

As I was heading back from there to my place, I saw an accident thatreally threw me, emotionally. A tow truck was in the middle of an intersection, moving ahead, and someone apparently didn't notice the red light and bashedinto them, kept on going, hit a sign, and then a tree. The tow truck wasunharmed, and I *believe* the person in the car was ok, but I could seethe panic in their face as they scraped the truck, the sign, and the tree.That panic made my stomach go empty. I let myself get into other peoples'shoes too much sometimes. After sitting on my front porch for awhile withwally, I calmed down, and feel pretty ok now, but that was such a horriblething to see.

May all our futures be pleasant ones, not like our present ones..Drink Lech'aim... To life!


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