Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Hello, I must be going...

At least, that's the way things are looking.I am in love with Debb, and she's going to Pittsburgh tostudy law. Also, one of my closest friends, Jason, leftColumbus yesterday, off to settle somewhere on the eastcoast (he isn't sure exactly where). So.. I'm going to givemy all to this relationship, and pack my things and go..Provided I can find a job there in time. I feel pretty badleaving this job -- I'm liking the people there, and the jobseems to slowly be growing to fit my desires.. but I'm notgiving up on love, and I don't want to stay in Columbuslong-term. I hope that I can find a University job -- thatway I can take classes free. Heck, I hope I find a job --I'm going to be *VERY* unhappy if I'm still here for anylength of time while Debb is gone. I might be inclined tofollow and live off my savings until I find one, as it'd beeasier to find a job once there.. but my savings arn'tthat impressive right now, and I hate to eat into them.Still, Debb is worth it, and if fate permits, I shall behers.

Tags: friends, work

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