Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Touch of Confusion

Something about the weather, my change in diet, or my beingmore physically active, or some combination of the three,seems to be having a bit of an effect on me today. Or maybeit's something I ate while visiting my parents -- I don'tknow. I feel fine generally, but at least three times today,I found myself just getting confused and slightly dizzy for noreason. It was a strange subjective experience -- I was unableto wrap my head around some very simple concepts -- not a completelack of understanding, but not being able to see the entirepicture at once, and going between the different parts, tryingto pull them together. Generally, I'm quite good at this, butduring these brief, ~10 second periods, I failed to pulltogether some very simple situational handling, and feltmildly physically dizzy. I'm drinking extra fluids, and will goto bed a bit early tonight, and hopefully this will not recurtomorrow. If it does, I'll start to worry.

I saw Debb today for a bit -- she won a marathon, and got atrophy, but was too tired for me to visit for very long.I hope that eventually I'll be able to go to such eventsat least to be with her, if not eventually to participate.I would love to be on the same page as her on as much as Ican.

On the topic of pages, I really need to update my webpage.I should probably put the new version, as incomplete as itis, up now somewhere. I might do that tomorrow, if I havethe time.

Tags: tech

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