Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Pause and Reflect

A habit I always had was, when I'm anticipating somethingthat's a day or less away, I tend to go to sleep.It's a way to kind of cheat reality -- subjective timebecomes negligable, and the event is there without anyanticipation. I used to have trouble calming myself enoughto sleep, but with practice (and with the strange generalphysical tiredness that has come to fill my entire life),I no longer have that problem.

I am now decently far along in the creation of the nextversion of my website, enough for it to be worthwhile totoss up what I have. Actually, I tossed it up a few daysago, but have done some work since. It still needs a lot morework, but I like having stuff visible and (sort of) working.Sometime, I need to scrape through my netdiary and grab allthe things that stand well outside of the context of a journaland put them in the site's main organization. I might alsoput up all the previous versions of my website sometime. I guessI also probably should stop hosting Charles' website eventually,and perhaps help Debb make a website -- I got her a domain name :)

I've started the *very* initial stages of cleaning my place, inorder to make moving, provided I can find a job there, more easy.Basically, I'm tossing all the junk I come across.

Anyhow, I'm off to run out and get some iggy food, and then perhapsto nap until Debb is free, or maybe work on my webpage. Lovesmooths wrinkles (metaphorically, and also metaphorically).

Tags: tech

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