Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stepping stone and matches

I don't feel lonely anymore. It's strange how muchwe have in common. My life instincts are confused --these kinds of wonderful things don't happen to me,but it seems that they have. I need to work onconquering that part of me that disbelieves in thepossibility of my finding happiness. I eventually wantmy guard to be completely down again so I would shareeverything and be very very close. It's on its wayin that direction, but it might be hard for me to conquermy impulses not to trust. I'll do my best, because I'm inlove, and want things to last :)

This morning, I was woken up around 4AM by a power outage.The outage itself didn't wake me -- my UPS's did. They'reincredibly loud, and woke up the neighbors too, who banged onthe walls. Apparently, the surge preceding the outage tookout one of my UPS's, and ruined one of the hard drives on mysecondary workstation. Fortunately, it was the /usr/local partition,so nothing important was lost, but it's still a huge pain. Nowneither of my two main workstations have much disk space. Argh.Oh well, I probably should get back to work -- maybe thatsoftware installation is further along now. I somehow need toreplace the removed disks on both of my main workstations, butI really don't want to pay for it right now -- the O'Reillytrip and the upcoming move (fates permitting), and the possiblejobseeking period down there (if I go that route, which I probablybut not certainly will), are going to drain my financial reserves.If the fates permit me to move, and when I get my first paycheckdown there, that'll probably be used to get the disks, unless I canline up a job, in which case I'll get them earlier.

I feel like someone who has recieved 3/4 of the components of a nicenew workstation in the mail, and am waiting for the last parts.I hope the job there arrives soon, and takes away this uncertainty.

Tags: tech

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