Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Phoenix again

I have breathed new life into forrester -- it is weaker, but stillalive, with that disk missing a good 2 gigs of space that wereunable to be written in odd ways (badblocks thought the space wasok, mkfs did not). As only /usr/local was dead, all I need to do isrestore the software I compiled myself, and do a cvs pull of the softwareI wrote from the repositories on sourceforge. Not too hard.

I did another run again today -- my longest ever in Columbus (forthose who know the area, I ran roughly from the OlentangyDamons to Henderson Road, beginning the trip with a detour througha pretty forest area, walked around for a few minutes there (no sittingor stopping completely), and then ran back. It reminded me back of mycross-country days. I am very mildly sore, but I remembered all the goodadvice about stretching and having a 'ramp-down' walk after the run finished,so I probably will be ok.

I'm seriously looking forward to moving to Pittsburgh, and continuing togrow my relationship with Debb :) I need to put more effort into finding ajob there. I hope to visit Pitts this weekend with her, although there'sa chance that this weekend won't work out (relating to something that I'drather not bother trying to explain to all of you out there). I am very muchhoping to be hired by CMU -- that would rock, and I'd get free tuition fora school that is involved in interesting Cognitive Science stuff. Still,I'd best fling the net as wide as possible, lest I end up with nothing andstarve :) Chances are pretty good that I'd move without securing a jobfirst, but it's still an unknown, and I hope to avoid such a difficultdecision.

I'm on a number of sciency mailing lists, and have made some commentsthere and on my website that people have found sufficiently interestingthat they want to have more detailed information or discussion on thetopic. I love this stuff, but apparently I've said too much interestingat once -- it's gonna take me some time to bring together the resourcesto give answers that I'm proud of. I'm also putting time into getting thenew version of my webpage together..

Oh, final note -- I might've mentioned ages ago on here (or maybe inthe predecessor to my netdiary, which AFAIK only one person other thanme has read) that I used to run a BBS, and that this BBS had a logo thatcame from some of the weird geometric nightmares that I used to getmore frequently when I was younger. Some years ago, I usedPovRay to make a nice 3-d raytraced version of that logo, spiffed up a bit.At work today, I dug out the only remaining easily-found copy of the image,and with the help of a workmate, pulled it out of OS/2 Bitmap format intoa PNG. It's great to have it again, and again it graces the background ofone of my desktops. It brings back memories of my OS/2 days (on which itwas originally traced). My logo, the old cross-country stuff, love, all of themare things that were once part of my self, that are back again in one form oranother. That's the firey bird for ya..

Wind, carry me east..

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