Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Map of days

The 8 hour day we know now was not always standard.Apparently, people once worked longer days, and eventuallylegal and social change allowed the day to scoot from 10 to 8hours. Sometimes when I work, I stay later when I wish to,and sometimes I leave early.. The flexibility works well,although I do try to err on the side of spending more time atwork. I wonder if, in 50 years, people might work 6 or 7 hourdays. More importantly, I wonder if perhaps the lunch hour willgrow, instead of the ends moving inward. Imagine life withan hour spent enjoying life in a garden or by a river, rightafter an hour lunch every day. A pleasant jog, a niceconversation, a short nap. Makes me smile.


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