Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Watch this!

The next few weeks of my life promise to be very interesting.I hope to find an apartment on Saturday (and sign the lease),give full notice to my employer on Monday, and then begin tomove (without stopping work until the end) at a slow trickleas soon as I have keys. I've gotten more nibbles on the jobfront recently, and I hope that at least one of them turnsinto a bite. Thanks to cancelling the O'Reilly trip, I'llhave some decent amount of savings to live off of until I getthe first paycheck of my next stream of revenue. Or, I couldfail somehow in this move, and end up feeling really stupid.Still, I am enthusiastic, in success or failure. The joy ofhaving found someone dear to me shall be the Pepto to myqueasy stomach. There is a joy in the application of one'swill, and making changes to one's life. The cycle of thephoenix, my pseudomystical theme, continues. I know thecoming cold, but know that I shall be reborn in some formin the near future.

Bleh. I just was going to say 'keep your eye peeled', butthen I saw that it would be thematically inappropriate forthe tone. Also, it's terribly disgusting. Peeling an eyewould .. ugh.

I am amused -- I like mixing these two (now three) tonestogether in one entry. It reminds us that every person hasmany aspects, and posturing/hiding the sides is limiting.

Back to work!

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