October 18th, 2001


Interesting events in Palestine

Recently, the Israelis and Palestinians have been assasinating each others' leaders. It is disappointing to me to see that the Israeli government has the hypocracy to demand Arafat turn over those responsible for the most recent assasination of an Israeli, while it in turn continues to assasinate Palestinian leaders at will. The assasinations themselves don't seem that bad to me -- Zeevi was a monster, responsible for ejecting many innocent Palestinians from their homes. Prime Minister Sharon is also a monster. The right way to judge these people, I submit, is to see what they do to the truly innocent. I might, on the other hand, grant a certain amount of respect to people who are fighting for a cause with their all, but such people still might be a monster, and still might deserve death. I may seem biased against Israel, and indeed am somewhat more on the side of Palestine than Israel, but most of what can be percieved is related simply to the fact that it's far easier to get information about the Israeli politicians than the Palestinian leaders. Zeevi's record is public. Sharon's evils are easily dug up. Half the time, the reports don't even give names of the Palestinians assasinated. *sigh*.

And.. the United States has finally stepped way over the line WRT the Taliban. They offered to hand him over to a neutral country. Naturally, BushJr refused. He wants Bin Laden to be tried here. Unacceptable. So now the U.S. is in every sense fighting a stupid, unjust war. *sigh*

I'm hungry. I'm disappointed that nobody's calling back on my job hunt. I'm a bit sleepy too, as I just woke up.