April 2nd, 2002


Car and Israel

So, a summary of my car...It's been to Ford twice about this matter. It's failed a total of five times so far. Ford has not a clue, and so far it's cost me $130 or so. Data:Car is ok if given time to rest between long drives. If I try to start it again after it's only been resting for awhile (probably less than 30 minutes), it sounds like it has started, but immediately turns itself off, sometimes kicking and chugging its way down. Repeated tries to start won't help until it's had long enough to rest. Car is always ok once it has really started. I'm hoping I can get my parents to take care of it, along with the big dent my dad made in it last time he was home, if they visit this coming sunday. Ideally they'll just swap cars with me for a bit.I hate cars. Grr.

And Palestine/Israel. Yup, more of the same. Ariel Sharon really had better not come visiting Columbus Ohio anytime soon -- I actually think I would sacrifice my life to kill him. He ranks up there with Stalin, Idi Amin, and Hitler as one of the more the nasty leaders throughout history. Oh well. At least the U.N. doesn't seem to be humoring the racism of the Zionists..