April 15th, 2002



It is over. I have resigned from my current job, and taken another. I feel much better. My level of dissatisfaction with my old job had reached a level that made me very unhappy, and reached an intolerable level today. My new job looks very cool. Still.. I feel some amount of regret. Despite my dislikes from the old job, I can honestly say that I liked everyone there. I'll miss them. McLeod, although certainly not the best boss I've had, is a good guy as a person. Gregg struck me as a nice guy.. he seemed to appreciate my efforts to improve technical conditions there. Preeti always had the most entertaining sense of humor and a neat perspective on things. Kranti was a very cool guy whose life is very real, in a hard to describe way. Andi was also very cool, with a lighthearted disposition and a neat sense of art. Mitch Chapman had an admirable eagerness to learn, and practically no touch of the cynicism that fills my life. I'll miss them all.. and the many others I have seen come and go throughout my stay.

Renewal always has a high cost for a phoenix. I hope that all it takes from me is these memories.