April 25th, 2002



They had no future, their present was dying. A speech filled them.A plan, a new outlook. The grey drained away, and they had both again.Everything changed, nothing changed.

It's interesting how we tend to think of things in the mental scale so often. Our idea of 'everything' typically refers to it, in fact. A speech doesn't usually have much in the way of directly useful physical effects, it instead changes our worldview, and so alters our judgement of things. Two people could be in the same spot in life, one happy, one full of misery, and all that would differ is their perspective.. and of course their perspective would alter the way they live life, and lead one perhaps to a noncognitively better way of living. A good life is built on healthy attitudes and good habits. So.. the way we normally think about the world is at least somewhat distant from the state of the world -- we normally think through our worldview, rather than around it. We can alter our worldview, to various degrees, ourselves, by talking with others, reading things, at a psychologist, or plenty of other ways. Could most people get by with a decision to be happy? Or is happy even a good goal? Do we lose out on something if we try not to feel some emotions? A thought: pregnant women get strange food urges. It is believed that this is related to nutritional needs. Do most people get such urges, as a kind of hidden association between nutrition and different tastes? If so, I wonder if perhaps we have, with some mechanism and meeting some need, factors priming us for certain emotions. Maybe we need anger, or sadness, or other emotions that we might be tempted to call negative, and our body has some kind of an equilibrium it tends to maintain there.

I wonder if I have a representative mix of experienced emotions in my life.