May 9th, 2003



It's an odd 'word'. It looks very wrong. After thinking about iton the way to work yesterday, I suddenly realized that I couldn't rememberhow to spell 'continuing'. I think that that's maybe because part ofour intuitive sense of when misspelled words look 'wrong' is that wenever see the bad spellings, and too much contemplation of 'Nueing'makes that possibility look less wrong than 'nuing' as a spelling forthat sound. Maybe.

Debb's been pretty tired recently -- she's been running extra longto build up mental reserves to get her through her finals and allthe studying she needs to do for them. I really admire her for that.It won't be long before I get back into the classroom, but it will byno means be as intense as law school. Anyhow, because she's beentired, we haven't gone for walks or played catch or anything recently --she's been going to bed much earlier than usual, so ... I've been goingfor walks in a park near her place after I leave. Yesterday, I broughtmy camera, and took lots of pictures. It was very pretty.

I probably mentioned it before, but I've been working out, trying toget my body into something resembling a healthy state. Mentally, I'vebeen feeling really clearheaded because of it. In the body, I have plentyof places where I get sore for a bit, but it's ok. I remember that I usedto get tired after every 2 songs back when I danced at Outland in Columbus.It's nice to think that hopefully I'm more fit now.. Of course, part ofthat was that it was so smoky there that it was difficult to breatheafter awhile.

Here's a snippet from a conversation I had today with a friend who lives inFrance:(08:11:58) DarkGod: back I am :)(08:12:05) Improv: Yo, homey :)(08:12:33) DarkGod: homey ?(08:12:40) Improv: Sorry, humorous slang there(08:12:46) Improv: Hehe(08:12:49) DarkGod: I guessed so, but what does it mean ? ;)(08:13:01) Improv: Someone else from the same neighborhood(08:13:08) DarkGod: oh :)(08:13:09) Improv: It has a very 'ghetto' feel(08:13:15) Improv: So I wouldn't recommend using it :)(08:13:27) DarkGod: heh ok :)

I'm looking forward to the upcoming vacation in Bar Harbour. It'sgonna be purty, I'll be camping with Debb, and she'll get somewell-deserved R&R. I also just like the idea of going out tosee the world.. or at least as much as is possible on mybudget :)

Speaking of which, I found a really nice place for me to livenext year. It's in Sq. Hill, just around the corner from Debb.It's a big place, with free laundry, nice floors, and a lot morespace than I have now. It's a bit more expensive than where I'mliving now, but I think I can still manage to keep tucking moneyaway and afford it :)

Jason is off to California. I hope things go well for him.

Finally, guacamole and mustard go really well together. It'ssurprising. Those are two components of a bagel that I havemany mornings. Healthy (or at least healthier) eating .. Mmm.I hope my cholesterol turns out ok when they measure it in afew months.